Isolino Virginia Stratigraphy

Isolino di Varese is an artificial island in lake Varese that developed after centuries of superimposing levels of human occupation from the early Neolithic (ca. 5300 cal BC) until the Iron Age. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2011 and is actually the earliest pile-dwelling site in the circumalpine region. The AgriChange project ( did a targeted core and profile sampling at the site in order to better reconstruct economic practices during the Neolithic period. This 3D reconstruction shows the profile first exposed by Bertolone in the 50ies of the 20th century, and it dates to different phases of the Neolithic period. Normally it is not visible because most of it is normally below the water table so we provide you with a unique opportunity to revisit the stratigraphy anytime.


Project direction: F. Antolín (IPNA, University of Basel)

Photography: R. Soteras (IPNA, University of Basel)

3D Model: (D. Pérez & A. Labajo, CIPAG)